Encrypted transfer of websites, e-mails and documents

Certificates for SSL, S/MIME and Code Signing

The transmission of sensitive data requires special protection. By using certificates, the data that is transmitted to your computer when you call up a website is encrypted. Certificates can be used to encrypt data on websites, but also, for example, when transmitting e-mails or signing code. We use certificates from the world’s leading certification authorities (CAs) to ensure an encrypted connection and confirm your trustworthiness.

SSL Zertifikate

We take care of the certificate management

It is not always easy to find the suitable SSL certificate for a project. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the selection and implementation of suitable certificates. We are independent of just one provider and offer certificates from all major certificate authorities: Thawte®, Symantec®, Geotrust®, RapidSSL® and GlobalSign®.

SSL certificates also expire regularly and need to be renewed or reissued. Via our internal monitoring systems, we keep a permanent eye on your services and the certificates used, if desired, and renew certificates early and automatically. This is the only way to ensure that business-critical applications can be accessed securely and encrypted at all times.

Benefits of SSL certificates at cloudshift®

Free basic certificate

Many of our products already include a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt®.

All providers

We offer certificates from all major certification authorities: Thawte®, Symantec®, Geotrust®, RapidSSL®, GlobalSign®.

Access to experts

Our certificate experts are available by email or phone.

Certificate Management

We take over the complete management of your certificates for you: application, provision and renewal.

Fair & Transparent

Our certificate prices are always fixed annual or biennial prices with no loss leader offers.

Takeover of certificates

You already have SSL certificates? If you wish, we can transfer them to our administration.

Plans for SSL certificates

To find the right certificates for your specific application, talk to our experts.

You have questions or need an individual offer?

Our cloud experts will be happy to answer your questions about the design, implementation and operation of your applications in the cloud. We look forward to your inquiry!

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