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Managed Kubernetes Cluster in Germany

Microservices are increasingly deployed via containers in modern enterprises. Kubernetes (K8s) is the industry standard for orchestrating these containers. Kubernetes makes it easier to deploy, scale, and maintain container applications. Planning and implementing a Kubernetes infrastructure is not trivial and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. We support you with a customized Kubernetes solution in our shared cloud, or your own private cloud.

Kubernetes Hosting in Germany
GDPR compliant, German cloud, green power

Highly available cloud applications and maximum security

Cloud applications not only need to be highly available and performant, but also easy to scale and manage, and especially highly secure. Our Managed Kubernetes Clusters offer all of this:

Instead of a purely technical platform, we take over the entire management – down to the level of individual components, such as databases.

Maximum security is ensured by access via redundant K8 VPN gateways, physical separation of the networks by their own VLAN (no “eavesdropping”), triple redundant storage, availability guarantees via SLA and much more.

And for maximum performance, we offer – in addition to K8 autoscaling for optimal resource utilization – no over commitment of resources (“noisy neighbor”), guaranteed CPU performance through physically represented cores and highly available host clusters.

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Benefits cloudshift® Managed Kubernetes

Managed but Inidvidual

Management, maintenance, updates of all components. Additional options for logging & analytics, registry & deployment, monitoring & alerting, etc.

Transparent, fixed prices

Traffic included. Fixed, calculable monthly prices. No variable or opaque additional costs for IOPS, traffic, etc.

Performance & Flexibility

No resource over commitment, physically represented cores, horizontal autoscaling, resource up/downgrades, and more.

Maximum security

VPN gateways, VLAN for 100% network separation, SLA guaranteed availability, 3-fold redundancy, monitoring, backups, emergency hotline

Hosting in Germany

Tier 3+ Data Center, ISO 27001 certification, daily backups, redundant connectivity and 100% GDPR-compliant.

100% green power

Our data centers are operated with certified green electricity. This massively reduces CO2 emissions.

Pricing Managed Kubernetes

We are happy to plan your Kubernetes cluster for your individual requirements on a shared or private platform. The following prices refer to a virtual cluster on a shared environment. Discounts for larger clusters on request.

Our offer is directed exclusively to commercial customers, therefore all prices are quoted plus VAT.

Default components
Price per month (plus VAT)
Managed Kubernetes cluster.
1 master node for cluster management
Min. 2 and max. 6 worker nodes
Unlimited data transfer
Backups for disaster recovery
incl. management and maintenance
€ 179,90
Managed K8 Gateway
Redundant designed K8 gateway
VPN gateway for site-to-site connections
VLAN for complete network separation
individual firewall and load balancing rules
incl. management and maintenance
€ 99,90
Dynamic resources for the worker nodes.
Guaranteed performance, No overcommitement
1:1 physically represented Intel® Xeon® CPU cores
min. 1 CPU core per 4 GB RAM
(Cores and RAM are distributed over the number of worker nodes).
€ 26,90 per Intel(r) Xeon(r) CPU Core
€ 3,90 per GB RAM
3-fold redundant storage on Ceph cluster.
as HDD or Full-SSD (High Speed Storage)
Redundancy level 3 (data on three nodes: original + two copies)
(Optional adjustment of redundancy level)
Also suitable for backups if split into several packages
€ 0.069 per GB HDD
€ 0,690 per GB SSD
Additional optionsPrice per month (plus VAT)
Centralized Logging & Analytics
ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
Outputs of all Docker containers in a central location.
Incl. management and maintenance of base components
€ 59,90
Registry & Deployment
Docker Registry or Helm Chart Registry.
Incl. management and maintenance of basic components
€ 39,90
Monitoring & Alerting
Grafana or Prometheus
Incl. management and maintenance of basic components
€ 39,90
Managed HAProxy
incl. required resources (CPU, RAM)
Incl. management and maintenance
€ 29,90
Management for individual components.
On-demand management of additional services (e.g. databases)
incl. maintenance, security patches, major releases, etc.
Upon request

You have questions or need an individual offer?

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