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Our domain name services are designed for enterprise customers. We take care of registering, transferring, renewing, deleting and managing more than 1000 global top-level domains for you on request. Our experts support you with their know-how. The Domain Name System (DNS) automatically translates your company’s domains into IP addresses. With a global network of redundant name servers, cloudshift® ensures that your cloud applications are always accessible worldwide.

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Domain Management

Finally order in your domain management

Companies often reserve hundreds of domain names over the years. Administration and authorization management can become a challenge. Our cloudshift® domain management is specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Search for free domains, manage contacts or configure subdomains and DNS zones on your own: Our powerful tools have individual permissions, multilingual interfaces and thus adapt to your individual requirements.

With optional extensions, you can also hide the data stored in the WHOIS, redirect domains and email addresses, protect your domains against theft and changes, or register domains that become free even before they are deleted.

cloudshift® Domain Management Benefits

All Domains Available

Register all worldwide available top-level domains (TLDs) through us.

New Domains Available

All new domain extensions (e.g. .gmbh, .club, .berlin) are also available through us.

Access to our experts

Our domain experts are available by email or phone.


Due to our distributed and redundant DNS infrastructure, your services are always available.

Full Control

Via our Domain Tool you always have an overview of all your domains and can make changes.


Our domain prices are always fixed annual prices with no bait-and-switch offers.

Plans for the most important domains

Of course you can register all available TLDs with us. For further prices, please ask us. Our offer is directed exclusively to commercial customers, therefore all prices are quoted plus VAT.

Domain extensionMeaningPrice per year (plus VAT)
.deGermany€ 12
.euEurope€ 28
.comCommercial€ 22
.netNetwork€ 22
.orgOrganisation€ 22
.infoInformation€ 22
.bizBusiness€ 28
.atAustria€ 48
.chSwitzerland€ 96
.nlThe Netherlands€ 36
.beBelgium€ 36
.berlinBerlin€ 72

cloudshift® Domain Management Add-ons

In addition to well-known top-level domains (TLDs) such as .de, .com, .net, etc., new ones are being introduced all the time; there are currently over 1,500 new TLDs waiting to be activated. The risk of third parties using your company and product names in new domain names is correspondingly high and can hardly be monitored manually.

Our Domain Trademark Protection Services actively support you to prevent infringements of your trademark rights or even misuse of your trademarks in time. The service applies to trademarks that are registered in a trademark register, protected by contracts or otherwise recognized as intellectual property.

With the “Sunrise Service”, you can register those domains that contain or clearly refer to your trademarks even before the official introduction of a new top-level domain; in this way, you prevent preventive registration by third parties.

The “Trademark Claim Service” warns the applicant when attempting to register a domain if it infringes your trademarks. During the first 90 days of a new TLD, you will also be notified about registrations by third parties.

With the optional “Abused DNL Service” you can additionally deposit your court-approved labels; e.g. those that were awarded to you in a court judgment after an abusive use of your trademarks.

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