Reducing our carbon footprint

We take responsibility for climate protection

Cloud services require energy. We ensure that this energy contributes as little as possible to CO2 emissions. All our data centers and our office therefore use 100% environmentally friendly green electricity. In our office, we also save energy through smart radiators and the exclusive use of LED lighting. Flexible working from home also saves travel. By avoiding waste, using reusable systems and changing our mobility behavior, we are also constantly working to further optimize our eco-balance.

Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz im Cloud Hosting

Cloud solutions increase eco-efficiency in two ways.

In our data centers, we rely on modern, energy-efficient hardware with low waste heat. Cloud hosting is based on virtualized systems or container technology. This technology contributes to a much better utilization of the hardware than dedicated servers. Thus, we save significant energy compared to traditional IT infrastructure.

By working together via our own cloud services, we also save energy, as employees can work together flexibly, regardless of location and without paper. This saves a considerable amount of travel and other resources such as paper and printer supplies.

What we have already achieved

100% green power

Our data centers and office are powered by certified green electricity, which greatly reduces CO2 emissions.

95% fewer flights

We have reduced the number of our business flights by 95% since 2015. For all remaining flights, we offset the CO2 emissions.

Flexible working

Our employees largely have the option of working from home. This saves the trip to the office and reduces CO2 emissions.

80% less paper

Digital workflows have enabled us to reduce our paper consumption by 80% since 2015, and we rely almost exclusively on recycled paper.

Reduce waste

We avoid packaging where we can and prefer to use reusable systems, e.g. for beverages. The remaining waste is disposed of separately.

Smart heating & LED lights

All office radiators were retrofitted with Smart Home thermostats and all lighting was converted to LED. This saves around 20% energy per year.

You have questions or need an individual offer?

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