Security and availability for domains

AnyCast & DNSSEC

For your domains, we provide nameservers on the common unicast standard by default. Each name server has an IP address and client requests must reach this IP. In case of long distances or disturbances, this can lead to long runtimes. The optional AnyCast service uses a global network of nameservers in over twenty different locations. Client requests are sent to the nearest available name server. This guarantees minimal access times and extremely high availability.

AnyCast und DNSSEC

More security and protection against spoofing for your website visitors

The domain name system (DNS) offers some vulnerabilities for targeted attacks, thereby dangers for users of websites, online stores, e-mail, etc. and a risk for you as an operator. Manipulated DNS zone data can, for example, direct visitors to fake websites with malicious content or grab personal data.

By means of the DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC) the zones are signed and these security holes are closed. DNSSEC is used to ensure the authenticity and completeness of DNS responses. The requesting client can thus recognize whether the answer comes from the responsible DNS server and that data has not been falsified during transport over the Internet.

Advantages of AnyCast & DNSSEC at cloudshift®

Maximum availability

A global network of DNS servers for 99.999% availability of your websites, stores, mail servers, etc.

Minimum access times

Shortest paths and runtimes of client requests through DNS servers at over 20 locations worldwide.

Safety for visitors

DNSSEC against DNS zone tampering and to protect your users and their data.

AnyCast and DNSSEC Plans

Our offer is directed exclusively to commercial customers, therefore all prices are stated plus VAT.

  • AnyCast S

  • € 19,90per month plus VAT
  • Max. Number of zones (domains)
  • Max. Number of subdomains per zone
  • Queries per month per zone
  • AnyCast DNS system
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Zone signing (DNSSEC)
  • 24/7 monitoring and management through cloudshift®.
  • AnyCast S

  • 19,90per month plus VAT
  • 10
  • 25
  • 1 Mio.
  • 99,999%
  • AnyCast M

  • 34,90per month plus VAT
  • 25
  • 50
  • 1 Mio.
  • 99,999%
  • AnyCast L

  • 59,90per month plus VAT
  • 50
  • 50
  • 1 Mio.
  • 99,999%

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